Top 5 content creators of June

IT’S JUNE!! 🌸 And that means — yes, you guessed it––The T5CCM (Top 5 Content Creators of the Month) is BACK!
This month is all about girl power! Wonder Woman was a-ma-zing! So, naturally, we had to pay it tribute. Besides, female creators are just awesome!

Let’s go! 🔥

Lele Pons

If you think that you are having a bad day, then take a look at Lele’s YouTube and Instagram for immediate relief! Our favorite Venezuelan Rubia will show you what it’s like to be thrown in the trash by her boyfriend or have her pants rip in public. Your day won’t feel so terrible, after all!

Most notable for her Vine videos, she is producing content for millions of followers every week! Not one of them? What are you waiting for?!

Find her here:
Youtube: Lele Pons
Instagram: @lelepons
Twitter: @lelepons

Amanda Cerny

You know what they say––if you find a hot girl that makes you laugh, then she’s a keeper! Prepare your fire extinguishers and meet our new favorite beauty, Amanda Cerny. With a great sense of humor and even greater temper, she won’t leave you bored! Whether it’s a huge spider on her face or smashing her phone, she has done it all in her hilarious YouTube and Instagram videos.

Currently working as an actress and a fitness professional, she continues to entertain us via her Social Media. Don’t trust us? Feel the heat for yourself!

Instagram: @amandacerny
Youtube: Amanda Cerny
Facebook: @MissAmandaCerny
Twitter: @AmandaCerny

Liza Koshy

Shall we talk about the most funny, goofy, crazy, funny (did we say that already?) female comedian in the world: LIZA KOSHY! So innocent on the outside, yet so witty on the inside. Never seen her videos? STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH THEM NOW! From teaching you how to grocery shop to being her own therapist, she has covered every possible situation from your life. Be prepared to pee your pants!

Her sharp sense of humor already earned her many parts in movies, and even an interview with President Barack Obama. Check her out for yourself!

Youtube: Liza Koshy
Instagram: @lizakoshy
Twitter: @lizakoshy
Facebook: @thelizakoshy

Hannah Stocking

Since we are talking about crazy and funny chicks here, let’s not forget Hannah Stocking. She is a 25-year-old Greek-American internet personality, model, and a cutie.

In her videos, she will show you what happens when a girl approaches guys as aggressively as guys usually do, and the consequences of not feeding an hungry, emotional girl on time. In her videos, Hannah has also revealed the real story of Tarzan and Jane (GIF related). Turn to Hannah’s amazingly popular YouTube and Instagram to give it a good laugh.

Instagram: @hannahstocking
YouTube: Hannah Stocking
Facebook: @hstocking

Baby Ariel

Once upon a time there was just an average teenager from Florida who went on her phone and found a fun app called She started making lip-syncing videos for fun and shared them with her friends. Before she knew it, she had millions of fans from around the world, and everyone suddenly knew her name: Baby Ariel! Currently, 16-year-old Ariel is a superstar all over social media.

Whether you are one of her millions of fans or just giving additional support to her #Ariel movement, this young lady deserves some #RESPECT! Check her out!

YouTube: Baby Ariel
Instagram: @babyariel
Twitter: @babyariel
Facebook: @OfficialBabyAriel

Thank you once again for all of your support! See you in July!

With love,
The Lifeslice Team 💕