Best Stories on Lifeslice

We’ve seen some of the craziest and funniest stories on Lifeslice! While it would be fun to keep them all to ourselves, we believe that sharing is caring. Here are the 5 of the most hilarious slices since our inception! 😂

1. Seeing Your Crush vs Seeing Your Best Friend

We’re not ones to be two-faced but when it comes to times like these, we all have our two sides — one for the bestie and one for “bae” 😍 No one could have summed this up better than our own girl @Lana who nailed the contrast between Face-timing your friends vs Face-timing your crush.

2. Crazy ex-Girlfriend

“I haven’t been bothering him since the restraining order”

What’s worse than a messy break-up? A messy break-up with a crazy ex-girlfriend. This theme had so much potential and you guys didn’t disappoint! @Neels is our top pick with her hilarious skit. When the term “restraining order” is casually thrown around, you know it’s going to be a goodie. Grab your popcorn ladies and gentlemen, and prepare for the fireworks 🍿

3. Unprofessional

“Thanks everybody enjoy your flight”

@sock_puppet takes the lead in this one and introduces us to a bunch of different highly unprofessional workers #eyeroll. (We loved her air hostess impression!) She’s not afraid to take the roles all the way and made us laugh so hard we balled our eyes out. Keep it up girl! 👏🏼👏🏼

4. Busy on the Phone

In today’s social media obsessed world, we’re all #guilty of P2F (phone to face). Usually it’s a crime that makes our parents whine, but here you guys brought the heat and served us a real treat! @Itz_da_mack absoltely nailed it with his kitchen mishaps 🙈🍳 What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done while being distracted by your screen?

5. When Your Music Comes On

When our song comes on, there ain’t nothing holding us back. (Yes, we just quoted Shawn Mendes). We’re always ready to get down and release our inner boogy bea(s)t 💃🏼 And from what we’ve seen, you guys feel the same way! @Baileroo absolutely killed it in this one with her sheer commitment and a costume change!!! Proving once and for all that no matter where you are, music makes you loose control. 🎧

These are our five favourite Lifeslice slices! See you next month and keep sending us your ideas at

With love,
The Lifeslice Team 💕